Day 1: You’re Doing What?

That was the typical response I received when I told people I was “moving” to LA for a month. I explained that I had always wanted to move to LA. I explained that I’m worried my bestie will be moving back to CLE with her twins and husband soon (not that that’s a bad thing), and I love hanging out with her in LA. I explained that I currently work from home and can work from anywhere. I explained that I’m turning 40 in a few months and I don’t want to feel or act like I’m 40.

Everyone seemed to get it after I did all of that explaining.

So I rented an apartment, rented a car and flew to LA on April 30. I got settled in right away in my West Hollywood neighborhood. The apartment is super cute. As soon as I walked in I realized my suitcase matched the drapes and my duffle bag matched the rug. It feels like home.

After grabbing a slice of pie at Prime Pizza I took a stroll down Fairfax to the Grove and the Farmers Market. I had my first pug sighting! It was a beautiful day, and I was loving every minute of it.

Jenny J (that’s my bestie) and her husband Joe had a super fun night planned for my first evening in LA. We went to a party in the Valley (and yes, Jenny J and I love the movie Clueless!) to watch their friend’s band. We had a great time dancing and singing to 80’s and 90’s favorites. It was the perfect LA day.

My neighborhood

My neighborhood

I do love it when things match.

I do love it when things match

S stands for Shellla!

S stands for Shellla!

It even has a Tempur-Pedic mattress!

It even has a Tempur-Pedic mattress

My first slice (of many) at Prime Pizza

My first slice at Prime Pizza

My first pug sighting! I miss Miles.

My first pug sighting

The Original Farmers Market just a few blocks away.

The Original Farmers Market

Party in the Valley!

Party in the Valley


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