Day 15: Where a Kid Can Be a Kid

I stopped by the Farmer’s Market this morning for breakfast. Crepes! With strawberries! And Nutella! So good…so good.

After the Farmer’s Market I headed over to my friend Greg’s house. Greg and I have been friends for nearly 25 years (gasp!). We met back in high school while working at Chuck E Cheese’s. I feel so lucky that I met such a wonderful person while working there. We have had some really great times together over the years, which may or may not have included getting pulled over multiple times with a trunk full of toilet paper. Oh yeah…and there was that time that we got arrested in a graveyard. His wife could probably tell the story better than us because she’s heard it so many times!

Greg and his wife Kris planned a cookout for myself and their other friend Raven who was in town from New York. Greg and Raven went to school together too, and we hit it off right away. After just a few minutes we were teasing Greg and asking him which one of us he loved more. Now I know why Greg has been friends with her for so long…she’s awesome! So glad we all got a chance to hang out.

The French Crepe Company

The French Crepe Company

Crepe Co 2

Michelle and Greg3

Greg, Raven and I

This guy! Greg, Raven and I being silly.

Greg and his girls

Greg and his girls

The adorable garden Greg built for his daughter

The adorable garden Greg built for his daughter

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