Day 30: 80% Off!

Jenny J and I have a tradition (well, really, we’ve just done it one other time) of going to the outlet malls Memorial Day weekend. Back in 1998 we hit the outlets in Columbus on the way to Put-in-Bay. It was an epic shopping experience where Jenny J channeled her inner Cher and bought a yellow power suit. I mean, we were graduating soon, and she would need something to wear to interviews! It was a solid shopping choice.

Anyways, I heard that there was a Kate Spade outlet close by, so Jenny J was happy to take me there during the holiday weekend. There was a line out the door because they were offering 60% off, and then another 20% off handbags! OMG! I was eyeing a cute Tiffany-blue bag at the front table while in line, and after being in the store for like 45 minutes it’s what I ended up getting. Yes, I already have shelves full of Kate Spade bags, but it was 80% off! Jenny J snagged an amazing orange handbag and another cute light pink and black laptop bag. 80% off!

After our shopping extravaganza we went to Jenny J’s brother-in-laws place for a cookout. It was nice meeting more of Jenny J and Joe’s friends. Everyone was so nice and down to earth.

Not that we needed more food, but Keith and I wanted to check out Connie & Ted’s for some seafood. Another amazing restaurant right down the street from my apartment! We had drinks and chatted with another couple outside on the patio, and then enjoyed a great meal.

And if that wasn’t enough to pack into one day, we went to a concert that night! Jenny J’s friend Jeff told me about this app called Bandsintown. It’s very cool. It searches the music on your phone and recommends different artist that are in town on tour. Keith downloaded it when he got into town and discovered that one of his favorite bands, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, was in town at the Teragram Ballroom. We had to go! It was a great show, and I’m happy that we got to check out another concert venue in LA.

Kate Spade!

Kate Spade!

Cocktails on Connie & Ted's patio

Cocktails on Connie & Ted’s patio. I loved all of the anchors!

Lobster roll and oysters

Lobster roll and oysters


Brian Jonestown Massacre

Brian Jonestown Massacre

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