Day 32: Home is Where the Heart is

Even though today was just a travel day, I wanted to post some final thoughts. My first thought is that alarms going off at 4:45 AM to drive to the airport are the worst! Ugh! My second thought is I already miss Jenny J. My third thought is that I wish I could walk to Open Space and get one more iced chai latte. And the thoughts go on and on from there…

As much as I will miss living in LA, I am ready to go home. I missed a lot of things in Cleveland just this month:

  1. My friend Shannon had her first chemo treatment. I found out about it just as I left, so I wasn’t able to give her a hug before she entered this chapter in her life. Luckily she has a kick-butt attitude and a great mentor in our friend Beth, but I wish I could have shown my support in person.
  2. Kami had a baby! We’ve been manifesting this one for a while now, so I can’t wait to meet her little girl. Congrats my friend!
  3. I missed getting manicures and ice cream with my mom for Mother’s Day. Sorry mom! I promise we’ll re-create the day this month.
  4. I love spending the first day of summer break with my niece and nephew. I think I’m more excited about the end of a school year than they are! Last year we had a pizza party, and I missed doing that with them this year. I promised them Starbucks and Taco Bell runs when I get back.
  5. The Ohio Pug Rescue reunion and fundraiser is always on Memorial Day weekend, so Miles (Mr. Ohio Pug Rescue 2013) and I missed seeing our friends. Plus we really like to help OPR raise money since it’s the charity that brought us together. My sweet little angel had a rough month while I was gone, so I’ll be happy to get home and cuddle bug with him.
  6. My dad was a speaker at a Memorial Day event, and although my brother Jason recorded it and sent it to me, I wish I could have been there in person. I am so proud of my dad in every way you can imagine. Who wouldn’t be after reading the article below about his bravery? But he’s so much more than a decorated veteran. He’s my rock. I love you dad!

Ultimately this is why I didn’t move to LA back in 2009: family and friends. What a great opportunity to live in LA, even if it was just for a short while, but then be able to come back home. Goodbye LA! I wish I could stay, but my heart is still in Cleveland.

My Google calendar where I planned my 30 things in 30 days in LA. I even exceeded my own expectations!

My Google calendar where I plotted and planned my 31 things to do in 31 days in LA. I even exceeded my own expectations!

The day before I left for LA I had a major cuddle bug fest with Miles. Luckily it's June now and we don't need so many blankets!

The day before I left for LA I had a major cuddle bug fest with Miles. Luckily it’s June now and we don’t need so many blankets!

My family at my dad's Memorial Day presentation

My family at my dad’s Memorial Day presentation. That’s his same uniform from 47 years ago!

My hero

My hero

4 thoughts on “Day 32: Home is Where the Heart is

    1. I know, right? What am I going to do every night at 11:30 PM??

      I had too much fun with this for it to be the end. I guess I’ll need to work on spinning it into a general travel blog. I love how I came up with this idea AFTER I took all of my dream trips these last 7 years.


      1. I miss you, too, girl! What a month it was. We loved having you as our neighbor, even if only for a short time. This “Valley Girl” is ready to reunite whenever we are lucky enough to have you back in LA!


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